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Oral Hygiene

At 92 Dental our oral hygiene appointments are 45 minutes long and we firmly believe that good oral hygiene is the backbone of a healthy mouth.  Even the most dedicated brushing and flossing routine needs professional help to keep oral health in the best shape it can be.

At your hygiene appointment the hygienist will assess how effectively your cleaning routine is, and whether or not signs of gum disease are present. Routine scaling and polishing will be carried out and the practical aspects of how to clean your teeth with the use of floss and interdental brushes will be discussed.

Plaque, which is made up of a film of bacteria and food debris, collects on the tooth surface and can easily be removed by brushing twice daily. If left, however, plaque mixes with saliva and forms hard deposits on the teeth known as tartar or calculus. This cannot be removed by brushing and needs professional removal by the hygienist.  If tartar is left, the gums (gingivae) become very irritated and inflamed resulting in bleeding when brushing your teeth and often an unpleasant taste or bad breath can result.

The removal of tartar is done mechanically by dental scaling. Once tartar is removed from the tooth surface, the area will be easier to clean and effective regular twice daily tooth brushing and flossing can resolve any remaining inflammation.

At 92 Dental we believe prevention is the key. During your hygiene visits, the hygienist will discuss the correct toothbrush you should be using and demonstrate techniques to ensure your regular brushing regimen is effective. It is essential that you clean in between the teeth (interproximally/interdentally) as plaque bacteria can stagnate in these areas causing dental decay (caries) or gum (periodontal) problems. You will be shown how to use dental floss / dental tape or interdental brushes to ensure the spaces in between your teeth stay plaque free.

Hygiene visits are not just about effective toothbrushing, advice will also be given on dietary habits, smoking and fluoride use where these are relevant.